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OBSESSED:Just a bit

Feel the Jeremy, Colin & Laurence Love

Lee Anne
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I live in Ontario,Canada in a testosterone filled house of 3 sons(ages 27, 23 and 18) and my DH of 32 years.
My eldest son has Aspergers Syndrome and my youngest has Autism Spectrum Disorder.
My middle son thankfully is a rocket scientist.

Much of my time over the past years has been geared to advocating for services for my sons at school and in the community.
Now as things have begun to slow down on that front, I am finding myself again.

The newest joy in my life was discovering the show Lewis staring Laurence Fox and Kevin Whately and the re-discovery of Sherlock Holmes and the brilliant Granada series starring Jeremy Brett. Colin Firth and William Petersen are also favourites, which subsequently led me to find CSI fanfic , P&P fanfic, ACD Sherlock Holmes fanfic and now Lewis fanfic as well as all five actors' vast film collections.
I have grown to appreciate what great actors these five men are by digging up their older films.

I enjoy live theatre and dining out as I've been homebound for so many years.
I got to see Billy on stage performing the play "Blackbird" back in August of 2009. What an amazingly intense play. Billy was absolutely incredible. I didn't get to meet him in 2009, but someday , maybe.

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