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Feel the Jeremy, Colin & Laurence Love

Hathaway Icons
Lewis/Hathaway, kiss
I was feeling a bit creative and wanted to do some new icons for myself.So here are few , mostly of Hathaway, but there are a couple of Laurence Fox/Kevin Whately horsing around too. They're great together *big grin*

Hathawayblue-by-LeeAnne.jpg Hathaway-3pc-by-LeeAnne.jpg 3Piece-by-LeeAnne.jpg

Partners1-by-LeeAnne.jpg James-Sunset-by-LeeAnne.jpg James-by-LeeAnne.jpg

Sunglass Kiss-by-LeeAnne.jpg Playing around.jpg PianoMan-by-LeeAnne.jpg

Some Mission Survive pics and icons
Well, I've been watching Bear Grylls' Mission Survive and have been mightily impressed with our Mr. Fox. He's a natural born leader and has been soooo patient with a few people who deserve to have their necks wrung. Anyway, dear owlbsurfinbird put up some amazing screen caps of Laurence and I've been playing around with them to make icons and some fun pics.
Hope you enjoy them.

Mission Survive1a-lee Mission-Survive1-lee

[Spoiler (click to open)]
Mission-Survive2-lee Mission-Survive3-lee Mission-Survive4-lee
Mission-Survive5-lee Mission-Survive6-lee Mission-Survive7-lee
Mission-Survive8-lee Mission-Survive9-lee Mission-Survive10-lee
Mission-Survive11-lee Mission-Survive12-lee Mission-Survive13-lee
Mission-Survive14-lee Mission-Survive15-lee Mission-Survive16-lee

Mission Survive
Mission Survive2
Mission Survive3
Mission Survive4
Mission Survive6
Mission Survive7
Mission Survive9

Some Festive Laurence Fox Mosaics
Here are some Christmas mosaics I made for myself of the Fantastic Laurence Fox. Feel free to save them if you like what I've done.

[Pictures (click to open)]

Messing around:
I haven't posted here in ages, but I have been doing a few things that I've posted to other places. I should put them here as well. Most are of Laurence Fox, but there is a few of Jeremy Brett as well.
[Spoiler (click to open)]

Five Stages of Fangirling
I came across this on FB and had to post. I have to say that I snorted at the ending...just so true and too funny. Of course not all our fangirling goes to real people, but to fictional characters likes Sherlock Holmes , Mr. Darcy, Sgt. Hathaway, Inspector Lewis, Gil Grissom to name a few. Anyway have a laugh, it's good for the soul!

Some Hathaway and Lewis Icons
I haven't posted anything like this in ages, but I made a few Lewis and Hathaway icons that I'm willing to share if you like them.

smoke, together Together

The rest are under hereCollapse )

Colin Firth Valentines
Again, I made a few valentines which I gave to FB pages or friends who I knew were fans. Enjoy!!

Under hereCollapse )

Laurence Fox Valentine
I love Laurence Fox as Sgt. Hathaway on Lewis. I made a valentine and posted it to the fans I knew of. He's just lovely I think.

 photo Valentinemosaic2_zpsfb78ee47.jpg

Valentine Collages
I made a few different collages to commemorate Valentine's Day and Jeremy Brett. Hope you enjoy them

Look hereCollapse )

Meme stolen from Tweedisgood:
At 29

I lived in: My Nan's Townhouse (we rented it from her)

I drove: I don't drive but our car was an 1988 maroon Cavalier.

I was in a relationship with: Mark

I feared: having to suffer through 6 months of morning sickness with my second child, like I did with my first.
Not having enough money.

I worked at: motherhood and daycare.

I wanted to be: successful, a writer, a good mother


I live in: An apartment, same town

I drive: I still don't drive but we have a white 2003 Montana mini-van

I'm in a relationship with: Mark (32 years)

I fear: My sons not reaching their full potential and not having meaningful relationships with others.

I work at: volunteering at Autism chats, looking for ways to improve services for Autistic individuals, making sure to help my sons advocate for themselves.

I want to: be creative, find my purpose, enjoy more time with my husband.


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