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Some Mission Survive pics and icons
Well, I've been watching Bear Grylls' Mission Survive and have been mightily impressed with our Mr. Fox. He's a natural born leader and has been soooo patient with a few people who deserve to have their necks wrung. Anyway, dear owlbsurfinbird put up some amazing screen caps of Laurence and I've been playing around with them to make icons and some fun pics.
Hope you enjoy them.

Mission Survive1a-lee Mission-Survive1-lee

[Spoiler (click to open)]
Mission-Survive2-lee Mission-Survive3-lee Mission-Survive4-lee
Mission-Survive5-lee Mission-Survive6-lee Mission-Survive7-lee
Mission-Survive8-lee Mission-Survive9-lee Mission-Survive10-lee
Mission-Survive11-lee Mission-Survive12-lee Mission-Survive13-lee
Mission-Survive14-lee Mission-Survive15-lee Mission-Survive16-lee

Mission Survive
Mission Survive2
Mission Survive3
Mission Survive4
Mission Survive6
Mission Survive7
Mission Survive9


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