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Some Festive Laurence Fox Mosaics
Here are some Christmas mosaics I made for myself of the Fantastic Laurence Fox. Feel free to save them if you like what I've done.

[Pictures (click to open)]

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So glad you posted these--lovely and inspirational. (And thanks for reminding me about Christmas music. It's 80 degrees here and we need a little Christmas.) :-)

These were rushed, but I really wanted something new for my wallpaper. I'll probably do some more but take more time with them.

Here, near Toronto, Canada, it's grey, wet and getting colder. We actually had a real warm (for us) couple of days in and around 15C or 60F. One of our radio stations has been playing Christmas 24/7 since the Toronto Santa Claus parade which happened last Sunday. They will play all Christmas music straight through until after Boxing Day (Dec 26).
I LOVE Christmas music as it's so happy and joyful, except for that damn Christmas Shoes song...lol!!

It was 87F (31C) today in San Diego California. Radio stations here are playing some Christmas music with disclaimers: "Next up: 'Let It Snow!' because we appreciate the irony. And the surf report--the ocean's at 70F (21C)."

It may sound wonderful, but it's weird not having a nip in the air. People are wearing Santa hats, shorts, and flip-flops. It used to get chilly in November, but now? It's 8pm and still over 70F outside. If we have 'Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire' it's an outdoor firepit.

Christmas Shoes--not first on my play list because it's so sad. If I want depressing, it needs to be a little funny. So, if you haven't heard it, you might like this (I think your boys will like it...)


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