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Meme stolen from Tweedisgood:
At 29

I lived in: My Nan's Townhouse (we rented it from her)

I drove: I don't drive but our car was an 1988 maroon Cavalier.

I was in a relationship with: Mark

I feared: having to suffer through 6 months of morning sickness with my second child, like I did with my first.
Not having enough money.

I worked at: motherhood and daycare.

I wanted to be: successful, a writer, a good mother


I live in: An apartment, same town

I drive: I still don't drive but we have a white 2003 Montana mini-van

I'm in a relationship with: Mark (32 years)

I fear: My sons not reaching their full potential and not having meaningful relationships with others.

I work at: volunteering at Autism chats, looking for ways to improve services for Autistic individuals, making sure to help my sons advocate for themselves.

I want to: be creative, find my purpose, enjoy more time with my husband.


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