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Messing around:
I haven't posted here in ages, but I have been doing a few things that I've posted to other places. I should put them here as well. Most are of Laurence Fox, but there is a few of Jeremy Brett as well.
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Five Stages of Fangirling
Holmes-Fangirls Expect it
I came across this on FB and had to post. I have to say that I snorted at the ending...just so true and too funny. Of course not all our fangirling goes to real people, but to fictional characters likes Sherlock Holmes , Mr. Darcy, Sgt. Hathaway, Inspector Lewis, Gil Grissom to name a few. Anyway have a laugh, it's good for the soul!

Some Hathaway and Lewis Icons
I haven't posted anything like this in ages, but I made a few Lewis and Hathaway icons that I'm willing to share if you like them.

smoke, together Together

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Colin Firth Valentines
Holmes-Damn I'm Good
Again, I made a few valentines which I gave to FB pages or friends who I knew were fans. Enjoy!!

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Laurence Fox Valentine
I love Laurence Fox as Sgt. Hathaway on Lewis. I made a valentine and posted it to the fans I knew of. He's just lovely I think.

 photo Valentinemosaic2_zpsfb78ee47.jpg

Valentine Collages
Holmes-Damn I'm Good
I made a few different collages to commemorate Valentine's Day and Jeremy Brett. Hope you enjoy them

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Meme stolen from Tweedisgood:
Holmes-Damn I'm Good
At 29

I lived in: My Nan's Townhouse (we rented it from her)

I drove: I don't drive but our car was an 1988 maroon Cavalier.

I was in a relationship with: Mark

I feared: having to suffer through 6 months of morning sickness with my second child, like I did with my first.
Not having enough money.

I worked at: motherhood and daycare.

I wanted to be: successful, a writer, a good mother


I live in: An apartment, same town

I drive: I still don't drive but we have a white 2003 Montana mini-van

I'm in a relationship with: Mark (32 years)

I fear: My sons not reaching their full potential and not having meaningful relationships with others.

I work at: volunteering at Autism chats, looking for ways to improve services for Autistic individuals, making sure to help my sons advocate for themselves.

I want to: be creative, find my purpose, enjoy more time with my husband.

An Update
Wow, I can't believe I haven't posted anything here in 3 years. Not that I ever really used LJ all that much anyway, other than to post my posters when I was in a creative and obsessed mood.

When I first started here, I was so deeply addicted to Colin Firth that all my friends thought I'd gone off the deep end. After about 3 or 4 years of that, my addiction/obsession switched to William Petersen and his alter ego Gil Grissom, where I lived happily until April of last year.

In April of 2012, I finally, finally was able to purchase the DVDs of Granada series of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes that I had watched on TV during the 80s and 90s. I had fallen in love back then with Jeremy Brett's interpretation of Holmes, but with so little being heard about him in North America, and no way to find out more (no cheap home computers) I was able to put it all behind me and continue life as normal.

Computers certainly make having an obsession soooo much easier. I found within days of getting my DVDs and watching them, that I was surfing the net trying to quench my thirst for all things Jeremy. I found articles, forums, Holmes fanfic based on JB's portrayal of the character and some wonderful new friends.

It all led me to thinking about what it is about these men that makes them so appealing to me. And I found that much of it has to initially do with the characters they portray. I am hopelessly drawn to the dark, silent, intelligent type, which makes me laugh, considering my husband is fair haired and as gregarious a person as you'll ever meet...lol.

I think the characters of Darcy, Gil Grissom and Holmes;that Colin, Billy and Jeremy play, remind me of...me. My reticence, my inner struggles, my emotions in turmoil behind a facade of cool calm. And I sooo empathise with these characters. I don't see Dr. Watson or Elisabeth Bennet or Sara Sidle as the suffering individual of the relationship; I see Holmes, Darcy and Grissom as the suffering party, trying to understand and convey all that they feel inside and being unable to do so. They are also all good men, fair minded and judicious. I guess I like a knight in shining honour...

Through my research, the other thing that I have found that Colin, Billy and Jeremy have in common is that their acting is under-rated, they are humble and are genuinely good men, in every sense of the word. I guess in the grand scheme of things, I could certainly be obsessed with less noble things. I don't think that my admiration has been misplaced at all.

Feeling Creative
While visiting WPAP I came across some beautiful new pics of Billy in The Gallery.
I felt that I just had to make something out of these wonderful pics and so created a couple of icons and mosaics.

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Billy, Grissom Slash and Colin Icons
I'm certainly not a great icon maker but I thought that maybe I should post some of the ones I have made on here. Feel free to use them if you want to.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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